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Strategic Planning / Branding / Naming / Corporate Identity

The Brandwork-Up® is our proprietary methodology for creating winning brands and brand strategies. All aspects of the business challenge are thoroughly reviewed. This means doing the homework and digging deep, asking the right questions, listening well and analyzing what we hear before we develop any creative.


Creative Development: Copywriting,
Art Direction, Design

Digital media or traditional, we have excellent bench strength in the disciplines that help you say the right thing, and say it so powerfully consumers can’t help but engage with your brand. Our unique and varied creative professionals spend the time to look at every angle to ensure the brand strategy develops into a great brand message.

Digital Media Services: SEO, SEM, Social Media, Website Design, Online Advertising

Check out our case-studies: at Brandworks we’ve spent years developing fully
cross-functional capabilities in all our departments–media, creative and account service–so clients don’t have to cross companies or divisions to get everything
they need. Today’s clients are demanding fully-integrated, fully-realized web-sites, blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. To meet that demand we’ve created our
own in-house, dedicated Web/Interactive/Digital department.

Our digital capabilities include: creative development for websites, re-skins, campaign specific micro-sites, CMS web sites, corporate sites, educational sites, contest sites, landing pages, interactive/on-line display advertising, online banners, video ads, dealer locators, email campaigns, e-newsletters, search engine marketing, social marketing, surveys/research, mobile, viral, blogs, coding, database management, programming, interface design, 3D-modeling and more.

Media Planning/Buying: On-line, Traditional

Brandworks offers full-service media planning, consulting, buying, and analysis
(pre and post) with extensive experience and expertise in all forms of conventional, alternative, and online media. And we’re very good at it. Talk to some of our clients. See how shrewd we can be with a tight media budget.

Our experience with corporate media suppliers in Canada has delivered unbeatable media value, added value extras, and outstanding advertising results. Brandworks routinely negotiates bonus media, sponsorships and contests, premium placements, and editorial opportunities for our clients. These added value initiatives generate a multiplier effect for campaigns where one dollar of investment can often yield three dollars of value in execution.

Studio/Print Production

Since our inception, we have successfully executed hundreds of campaigns,
projects and programs to help our clients build their brands and achieve their
sales and marketing objectives.

The Brandworks’ studio is a state-of-the-art facility led by a disciplined group
of senior creative professionals, handpicked to meet the many and various
challenges of our clients. You get the capabilities, systems, processes and infrastructure required to handle all the demands of any account. We have
designed work in many languages from early conceptual development to final
art including campaigns for newspapers and magazines, FSI’s, collateral
materials, sales kits, resource books, curriculum guidelines, brochures, flyers,
booklets, newsletters, annual reports, DM pieces, sell sheets and other
miscellaneous marketing materials. In addition, our clients need flawless project management. No excuses. No mistakes. No surprises. We have a reputation for getting it right. The first time.


Broadcast Production: TV, Radio, Video, Podcast

75% of our broadcast work is produced in-house. By going in-house, our clients realize tremendous cost savings (through greatly reduced production house mark-ups), enabling them to mobilize more of their marketing dollars.

Our experience in planning and conducting in-house broadcast began with one of Brandworks’ founding partners previous ownership of a film & video production/post-production company. Over the years, our team has in-house produced/directed television and radio commercials, testimonial videos and podcasts for many of our clients including a number of Ontario Government Ministries.


Event Development

As our clients needs expanded over the last few years, our capabilities have expanded into the event development/management area. The portfolio of initiatives we have developed and produced includes a wide variety from TIFF parties to product launches to designing a two-story trade show pavilion for the Ontario Government and the subsequent events held within it to street level brand activation activities and even an ad industry charity boxing event during Advertising Week.

Direct (Response) Marketing

We make use of an entire range of integrated direct “response” marketing approaches, and, when combined with traditional DM and consumer advertising techniques, we create campaigns that are more effective and more measurable
for more of our clients. We have some solid war stories in this sector. Marketing communication is meant to be dynamic and two-way. The objective is to elicit a response, to initiate a series of measurable and calculated actions, to create a dialogue with the consumer community.

Promotions/Partnership/Sponsorship Marketing

As a multi-disciplined marketing communications company, promotions have always been a part of our marketing arsenal. We can manage all aspects of a promotional program, from concept and creative to production, as well as measurement and evaluation. Our approach to promotion is “holistic” and brand focused. We adhere
to strict strategic principles. We have deep credentials in the this discipline and have managed and executed successful promotional campaigns for the OLGC, Vonage, Mr. SUB, Country Style, Neilson Dairy, the Ontario Toyota Dealers, and Tetra Pak, to name a few.

More and more of our clients are taking advantage of our successful experience (Toyota/CTC, Nikon, Gibson’s Finest, Tetra Pak) creating, planning, negotiating and executing partnership and/or sponsorship programs.


We’ve always had a reputation for solid strategic thinking and believe research is the absolute must-have foundation for success in reaching today’s customer.

The war for the hearts, minds, and wallets of your target customer is today fought on many levels. Your customer has never been more informed, empowered, cynical, suspicious, outright hostile to overt attempts to convince him or her to change their buying behaviors. Online or in person, qualitative or quantitative, traditional or unorthodox, over the years, we have created, rigorously executed, carefully analyzed research—from provincial or regional quantitative studies to local pulse checks, from qualitative concept testing to ad tracking, from in-situ discussion groups to ethnography.